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Immigrating to the United States just prior to the fall of the former Soviet Union with my parents and realizing the different perspectives on existence, I aim to showcase the destiny of as many unknown individuals.  Developing my own unique style, & using modern technology only as my base platform; I transform the real world around myself into dreamlike mosaics using my conceptual & classical training in oils, acrylics and other mediums to critique modern issues. My work has often been called haunting, the images ghost-like or ethereal. Casting an evocative eye towards modern issues such as war, equal rights and theocracy with a flare for the ironic, meshing images both modern and past into seamless ideas that are timeless. My artwork has been shown nationwide within the past ten years.

Shining a new dynamic light on community wrenching situations, the artist adds new dimensions to captured moments. The image, whether a still shot or moving picture though, can never tell the true story of what the individuals actually went through. Through human aid on hand  to assist the injured, through financial aid to rebuild, and through the historical documentation made to understand the situation for the future, an artist can be a part of that documentation in reminding the public that although news stories are fickle, life is full of situations that need attention. Humanity will always prevail in the end over some of the corruption that surfaces in natural and human disasters. By painting from real photographs, the works speak of the suffering of human kind throughout the ages.
I am currently working on a series of artwork about the Great Depression and our path out of it to reflect on current issues facing most individuals. The stories told in the words and the eyes of our ancestors are lessons of survival, not defeat. The ghosts of our past run deep in our blood streams, and the colors I paint them in enliven their spirits and memories.
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