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About the Peace Mural


Nearly 15 years in the making, Huong’s Peace Mural is the culmination of 30 years of searing memories that brings history to life and depicts the universal pain of war and hope for peace. In its entirety, the Peace Mural is over 800 feet in length and 8 feet tall, comprised of nearly 2000 paintings. The exhibition often includes a number of free-standing pieces from Huong's private war/peace collection.The Peace Mural is an ongoing, developing project as new themes continue to be added. The presentation captures highly evocative images and concepts depicting multiple themes including: Voices of Children; Voices of the Troops; Mothers in War; The Peace of all Nations; The Flag at War; The Displaced and Disabled; The Cry of Refugees; No More Torture; Poets Against War; and The Wall of Injustice.Far more than simply an art exhibit, the Peace Mural is a catalyst to action as it evokes participation and civic engagement, calling forth from viewers a response through reflection, dialogue and action for peace and justice. Viewers are invited to “sign on” for peace by adding their own thoughts and comments to panels scattered throughout the Peace Mural. Exhibitions are typically accompanied with a series of community events, dialogues, educational programs, artistic presentations and public actions. Most of these sevents take place on site at the exhibition and are sponsored by a variety of local partner organizations.The Peace Mural is both deeply spiritual and politically reflective as it calls forth citizen and community response. But most of all, it resonates a challenge and hope for peace in ways that only art can do. It inspires, it disturbs, and evokes personal responsibility. ThePeace Mural is an expression of “people’s art” as it informs and shapes civil society and stimulates vibrant participatory democracy.

The Iraq Mural is an artistic dive into the truths of war that aren't always displayed to us. The paintings are meant to provoke emotions and thoughts about the ethics of war. “The War on Iraq” mural, founded by Artist Huong, strives to educate the public of the unfortunate events that have occurred.

The Peace Mural Foundation has a mission to deliver peace through public education. 

The Peace Mural Foundation believes not only in using art as a message, but also to use it as a medium to start discussions and move citizens to contemplate a deeper meaning than the one that is traditionally painted in front of their eyes. This mural shows what the true war is to many people. It's meant to make you reconsider all those terms that the government pushes on you like patriotism, terrorist, freedom, and evil. The War on Iraq is ultimately dedicated to positively impact peace resolutions and prevent monstrocities like this from happening again.  Hopefully, the mural will have a positive effect on you, too.

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